Water Damage/Restoration

Do you have a busted pipe in your home, church, or business? Is your home, church, or business suffering the effects of a major rainstorm? Call Wells Roofing and Remodeling today and schedule a free water mitigation inspection!

As a Memphis, TN, homeowner or pastor, you know how rainy it can get during certain parts of the year. No matter how much you prepare for the rain, you might find that water has begun pooling up in your home or church. If you have standing water, running water, or flood water in your home, church, or business, call us now! Wells Roofing and Remodeling is available to help you with any water mitigation emergency. Our team of certified experts will come out and identify the cause of your problem before any further action is confirmed. Once we determine what is causing water to flood in your home, church, or business, we will immediately shut it down, and the water removal process will begin. Give us a call today to schedule your free water mitigation consultation. We promise we will get to you as soon as possible regarding anything you need.

What is Water Mitigation?

Here at Wells Roofing and Remodeling, we are proud to offer water mitigation services throughout the Memphis, TN, area. However, some people might not understand just how vital these offerings are. Understanding Water removal is the process of removing and controlling water that has already entered your home, church, or business. 

The longer you wait to remove water from a flooded space, the more damage it does. Water mitigation begins with our team of professionals coming out and assessing the area where you have experienced water issues. Before beginning any actual removal processes, we will identify how much standing or running water you have in your home, church, or business. While we are performing the water mitigation process in your home, church, or business, if we discover mold growth, we will treat it immediately to ensure that further damage does not occur. Our team will also ensure that your health is not at risk. After all, we want you to be as comfortable and healthy as possible in your home, church, or business. If you want to learn more about the water mitigation process, give us a call today! Our team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Benefits of Immediate Water Mitigation

You may want to wait until the last minute to resolve your home, business, or church’s water damage. However, this is a bad idea. The longer you wait to call us, the more your home will be affected by water damage. If there are any personal belongings in your home that the floodwaters have already destroyed, they will not be restored to their original state. You do not want further damage to occur when standing or running water is present on your property. Getting this damage resolved as quickly as possible is essential for this reason.

Furthermore, standing or flowing water spreads rapidly, creating more significant areas of damage. The sooner we start assessing and removing water from your property after it has occurred, the better chance we can prevent mold growth. It is also important to remember that flood waters cause extensive damage quickly, so waiting until the last minute to get them cleared is dangerous. If you require water mitigation services, do not wait to call us!

The Wells Difference

Our team will work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure your home or church will be restored to its original condition or even better. Not only that, but our team here at Wells Roofing and Remodeling is certified by the IICRC, Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification in water damage restoration. This certification means that you hire true experts in the water damage restoration field when you hire us. 

Do not settle for anything less! If you require water mitigation services, call Wells Roofing and Remodeling today. Whether you are in Memphis or the surrounding tri-state area, we can help get your home or church back to normal.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons why Wells Roofing and Remodeling should be your first call when sustaining water damage:

  • 80% success approval across all of our customers and clients
  • No out of pocket expenses to those who qualify except their deductible
  • We handle everything from inspections to installations
  • 50+ years of experience
  • 20-30 year warranties
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Google 5 Star Ratings
  • BBB A+ Ratings

Call our team of experts here at Wells Roofing and Remodeling today! 

Our Free Water Damage Inspections

We understand the hesitation you might be facing when you realize that you have something wrong with your home, church, or business. After all, it could cost a lot to get it checked out. However, you do not have to worry about this when you hire Wells Roofing and Remodeling, as we offer all of our water damage inspections for free. When a water damage inspection is free, there’s just no reason to wait! Call Wells Roofing and Remodeling today to schedule your free inspection. It’s better to act now rather than later. 

Our free water damage inspections are not limited to just one area of the home. If you think that something is wrong, we want to help you find out. If your roof is starting to leak or your walls are starting to darken, make sure you call for a Wells Roofing and Remodeling inspection today! We will inspect all aspects of your home so long as there might be an issue with them. Please do not wait until it’s too late; contact us for an inspection to resolve the issue.

Our Water Removal Procedure

At Wells Roofing and Remodeling, we take every step to ensure that your water damage is minimized and that it will be removed completely. We can determine what was damaged and how it should be handled. Our experts know which tools they need to get the job done quickly and effectively, so you don’t have to worry about further damages.

Having water damage in your home or business can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for you and your family or employees. Our team goes through an extensive water removal process at Wells Roofing and Remodeling to begin mitigation. We do this to make sure that your home or church is as properly secure as possible. Here are the steps we take to remove the water from your home:

  • Shut off the water supply
  • Repair the leak/plumbing
  • Flood cut drywall
  • Take our insulation
  • Remove water saturated carpet, furniture, and other items
  • Proper placement of air- movers and dehumidifiers
  • We will consult with your insurance company
  • Daily moisture monitoring
  • Once we reach the dry standard, the restoration will begin

If you want to learn more about our water mitigation process, do not hesitate to call us! We are more than happy to go into more detail about what we do. You can also fill out our online contact form up above. No matter how you reach us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Water Restoration Procedure

Sometimes, it is not enough to remove the water. Your home, business, or church might also require a restoration process to bring it back to its ideal shape. After the water is gone, our crews begin inspecting the structure.

The process is different for each case, but we can dry things off using air movers or dehumidifiers in most cases. From here, restoration can occur. Restoration might include removing carpets or padding wherever necessary. We might need to repair walls that have become moldy because of the excess moisture that was left behind for too long. If you want to learn more about what restoration entails, please do not hesitate to call us up at the number listed above! We would be beyond glad to go into more detail about what our water mitigation services can do for you and your home. Once this step is complete, the restoration process is over.

What We Do

After the water mitigation process, our trained water damage restoration specialists will focus on reconstruction and rebuilding your property through various applications. The water damage restoration process helps owners and church pastors recover from all damage. Once all repairs are complete and the building meets the dry standard, Wells Roofing and Remodeling will begin the restoration. The typical water damage restoration services offered by our team often include the following: 

  • We will spray anti-fungal agents to all affected areas
  • Replace all insulation with high-quality insulation
  • New drywall will be taped and floated
  • Our team will also paint this new drywall
  • If we remove your flooring, we will replace it
  • Your home or church will be made whole again, with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

The primary purpose of water damage restoration is to return the property to pre-loss conditions. Since repairs cannot commence until all water damage problems of note, the water restoration process can’t begin until the water mitigation process has ended. 

Emergency Water Mitigation Services

Unfortunately, we understand that emergencies can happen at any time. A pipe in your home could burst, or a storm can result in damage throughout your church. No matter what the cause of the emergency was, we can help. With our 24-hour emergency water mitigation services, we can be on-site within the hour to get your property dried out. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to mitigating damage. Our rapid response team will work quickly and efficiently to save what was damaged before it becomes worse than it already is.

Once the emergency has passed through your home or church, you may feel overwhelmed dealing with insurance companies and contractors. You won’t have to do that alone at Wells Roofing and Remodeling because we’re more than just some contractor; we’re an advocate for you during this difficult time in your life. We can speak with your insurance company and help you figure out how to resolve this issue.

No matter what, Wells Roofing and Remodeling is here for you. Give us a call today to learn more about our emergency water mitigation services.

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Our professionalism, reliability, and high-quality services are what keeps customers coming back. Our team of roofing experts is proud to operate throughout Memphis, TN, and the rest of the tri-state area. To receive more information about our church or home roof services, give Earnest Wells a call at 901-482-2546. You can also send him an email at EwellsSr@Wellsroofingandremodeling.com or fill out our online contact form. You can even stop by our office located at 5118 Park Ave, Suite 114, Memphis, TN 38117. No matter how you get in touch with us, we will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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What clients say about us
Pastor Melvin Jones

Mr. Wells, did an outstanding job for us. He put a new shingle roof on our church building. He also did some work on the floors. He was very timely, courteous, professional and very attentive to our needs. Whenever we called him he was there. Whatever question we had he answered. We were highly pleased with all aspects of his work. I give a 199% vote of confidence for Mr. Wells and his company.

Pastor Melvin Jones, Victory in Christ, Christian Church, Memphis, TN
Pastor G L McCollins

We had a problem with our roof resulting from a storm which damaged and caused a part of our roof to come off. Mr. Wells had sent a flyer and we called Mr. Earnest Wells of Wells Roofing and Remodeling. Mr. Wells sent it to an insurance adjustor who surveyed the roof along with a representative from Wells Roofing and Remodeling. Once the insurance company approved it, we hired Mr. Wells. Everything was done professionally, and the work area was always kept clean and neat. After a year, Mr. Wells yet remains in touch with us to ensure that everything is okay. He is loyal, honest, very passionate and concerned about his clients. Call him for your roofing and remodeling needs.

Rev. G. L. McCollins Sr, Pastor of Mt. Olive AME Church, Millington, TN
Elder Paul Collins

I received a brochure in the mail from Wells Roofing Company. I didn’t really need a roof but Mr. Wells came out to inspect it for us. We had been in the building over 20 years and the roof was showing signs of wear. We did not have any leaks, but wanted to be proactive before incurring any problems. Mr. Wells, replaced our roof without any down time to our worship services or Bible study. They were professional and went above and beyond our expectations. I would recommend him because of his professionalism. He’s on time and informs you about every detail.

Elder Paul Collins, New Covenant Holiness Church, Memphis, TN
Pastor Leroy Turner

Mr. Wells is a great guy who helps people who need help. I was in need of a roof for our church which we really couldn’t afford and didn’t know which way to go. I received a brochure in the mail, called him and he took control. Mr. wells does things legally, promptly and most efficiently. I would refer Mr. Wells to anyone who has a need. The roof was leaking. Now we’re in good shape. Thanks to Mr. Wells.

Pastor Leroy Turner, Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in West Memphis, AR.
Pastor Sherman L. Helton Sr.

We built a life center about 17 years ago, and began to incur problems with the metal roof. We began to have leaks and problems with screws coming out. We wanted a metal roofing specialist because not all roofing companies work with metal roofs. Mr. Wells came out and brought metal roofing specialists with him. Our committee chose Mr. Wells after hearing his presentation and he did a superb job. We are “tickled pink” as a result of his work. I highly recommend him for all your roofing needs. Contact him today.

Pastor Sherman L. Helton, Sr. New Hope Baptist Church, Southaven, MS
Pastor Reginal Spight

I met Mr. Wells with Wells Roofing and Remodeling some time ago. His company came out to install a new roof. They did an excellent job. The service was great. The quality was outstanding. The clean up after the job was amazing.I recommend Mr. Wells to anyone needing a roof or repairs to their church.

Pastor Reginald Spight, Living Waters Baptist Church, Memphis, TN