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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will my homeowner's insurance company pay for my new roof?

A: Yes! We have an 80% success rate in getting FREE new roofs (minus your deductible) installed for homeowners.

Q2: What are some ways I should know that my roof needs replacing?

A: You have pieces of blown-off shingles on your lawn and driveway; you have water stains on your ceiling; you have leaks; your roof looks like one or more of the pictures on this page.

Q3: Do I really need Wells Roofing and Remodeling to meet with the insurance adjuster?

A: Yes! Insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies — not you. By having Wells Roofing and Remodeling meet with the adjuster you are assured that your interests are completely covered.

Q4: What happens if Wells Roofing and Remodeling says I have roof damage, yet the claim adjuster denies my claim?

A: You are entitled to at least one re-inspection, in most cases.

Q5: Can I keep the money given to me by the insurance company for my roof to do other things?

A: No! The written, detailed estimates of your roof and repairs are valid and legally binding contracts. Failure to comply with the terms is insurance fraud. Generally, claims checks are made payable to you, the contractor and your mortgage company thereby protecting all parties.

Q6: Can my insurance company withhold a portion of my check for repairs?

A: Yes! They want to make sure that the work is completely done. Therefore, it is customary for them to withhold 25-33% (in the form of recoverable depreciation) until Wells Roofing and Remodeling certifies that all of the repairs have been completed.

Q7: How can I avoid paying a deductible?

A: Ask us how and we can explain in detail.

Q8: What are the main reasons my insurance company will pay for the replacement of my roof?

A: The main three reasons are hail damage, wind creasing or breaking the adhesive seal of the shingles, and blown-off shingles from at least two sides of the roof. This is why it is so important for your contractor to meet with the adjuster when he/she comes out to your home to inspect your roof.

Q9: Will Wells Roofing and Remodeling assist me with filing my claim?

A: Yes! We will assist you with filing your roof claim and we will handle all of the paper work. We also will meet with the insurance adjuster when he/she comes out to your home to inspect your roof and any other damages that you may have.

Q10: Are there any other options available to me if my claim is denied?

A: Yes! We have 100% financing with low monthly payments. Our financing covers roof replacement as well as other types of remodeling and repairs.